Real criminals.

How was began to oppress by crazy dictators Aiko and Masako of Jap’s Imperial family?

When 1995, at Nifty-Serve of BBS, I wrote cynical about Jap’s Imperial family, used a word,“汚猥屋”(Owaiya or Oaiya) .
This word means the dung pick up man.

Japanese farmers use human excrement as dung before about 1960’s. Health center and Schools said “Don’t eat vegetable and fruits in fresh, there are many dirty parasites eggs, must be heat.”

Usually I make a pun for laughing in situation, it can change a mood.

First name of Masako is Owada.
Then, she make a daughter, named Aiko,
(not named by me.)
Owaiya is a pun of Owada, but it is the fact, her mother’s side Grandfather Yutaka Egashira who was a CEO of Chisso(チッソ=JNC). Now JNC is a chemical products maker, but old company name was Shin Nihon Chisso Hiryo(新日本窒素肥料・・New Japan nitrogen dung)

Chisso(JNC) is a so notorious company, as killed many citizens by Minamata disease.
Chisso emitted huge polluted dirty liquids include mercury to Minamata bay.
Citizens eat polluted fishes, more than 30,000 persons got a sick of Minamata, and dead more than 1,500 person.
Minamata disease was a first big pollution disease in history of the world.

When a marriage of Prince and Masako Owada (a stuff of foreign ministry, graduated Den en Chofu Futaba high school (Jesuit Catholic school) in Setagaya, Tokyo University law faculty, Harvard University),
many peoples (include politicians of LDP), opposed the marriage of prince and criminal dirty family’s Masako. But prince said “ I want to marry with Masako”

Then Aiko born. Who named Aiko that evoke Oaiya?
No responsible for me, but Aiko and Masako hate me with strong grudge, want to kill me, destroy my life for more than 24 years, with intelligence police of Japan (include DGSE of French army. They have a friendship as same intelligence family.) and the Imperial household Agency of Japan.

Words of Owaiya or Oaiya ware not made by me.
This word used till about 1960’s, especially aged person use this word.

They oppress, abuse, discriminate me for long time as a punishment.
There is a hidden Crime of disrespect to Imperial family (Fukei crime=不敬罪) in Japan, is not democratic countries law.
Perhaps highest court of Japan of judgement by default, decided death punishment is secretly.

Worst criminals in the world are Aiko and Masako and her supporters, never me.
Bad many supporters participate in, Universities, schools, teachers, companies, religions, etc.

Japan will end by wrong Imperial system.
I must escape from Japan of the dictator of Aiko and Masako.

Aiko is a core criminal of kid porn seller in the world. A leader of Neo-Nazi and Nazi’s classic music is stinky Aiko. She want to become a female Emperor, have no precedent. She get right wing, feminist, women’s group, socialists, communists, left wing group, and many Catholics.

So dirty stream drain from Aiko in Japan, to the world. The root of all evil is Aiko. We must kill her.

For example of cooperators, last year, a hedge fund of Citron, declared “Now, we begin to short EV car stocks.”
When this time, I have stocks of NIO. And I bought orange in net Supermarket. They related with oranges and Imperial family of Jap, because of color of Imperial family is Orange.

Citron is a cooperator of Aiko of worst vicious criminal, iphone of Apple is too.

Then NIO down sharply, but I think short seller Cirton is not rational. Citron of supporters of Aiko, angry with I selected Chinese EV car stocks (reading my thinking and views by implanted device illegally.)
I said myself“don’t worry, will be return soon”. (This prospect hit.)

Short squeezed hedge funds by reddit are fool. When Robin hood began no fee broker, we can understood that small personal investors will rush into short squeeze trade. Because they have a few money, want profits ten times or more, never want 10% or 20% like index funds. Reddit issue discribe the end of hedge funds of long and short strategy.

(It was a reason, the name of “hedge funds” became popular, I said to Yasumi Nakamura in about 1991,“Hedge funds make big money in USA now. In Japan, there is a Syuhei Abe’s “Sparks”. Then, Syuhei Abe became famous. Mizuho, one of biggest bank in Japan, began to treats Abes“sparks long & short.”

Big bureaucratic Mizuho treats small fund of Sparks was unusual. Perhaps fool Aiko and Masako concerned in. They selected Haruhiko Kuroda as the chief if BOJ too. Kuroda looks like a role of“Nakamura Mondo”(中村主水=acted Makoto Fujita).
Because Kuroda means Yasumi Nakamura who was the one to bring to up about “negative theory”.
Kuroda (he graduated law faculty of Tokyo University, not economics) use Nakamura’s negative interest and MMT.

Someday his reckless policy will crush. Fool dirty Aiko and Masako and Emperor stepped into politics, treated Japan and me like a“toy”, they dominated Japan and implanted humans as a slave.

Hisashi Owada, a judge on the International Court of Justice, is a Father of Masako Owada. Courts and UN never help me.