Aboriginal Emperor amd Empress

Already, the Japanese Imperial Family is almost Christians.
Not only Masako Owada, Mako Akishinomiy and Kako Akishinomiya graduated ICU (International Christian University) in Mitaka city (the same city of Myojo Gakuen of Maruyama’s high school) too.

And former Empress Michiko Shoda (a daughter of CEO of Shoda soy source = Nisshin Flour Milling) is Catholic who graduated University of the Sacred heart in Hiroo and Shirokane. Nobuko Mikasamiya (= Nobuko Aso, a real sister of Minister of Taro Aso=Cathoric) graduated the Sacred heart too.

Jap’s Imperial Family should believe the Shinto (shrine). Emperor and Empress have a duty to pray to the Shinto Shrine in Imperial Palace as national events.
Why they must go to Christian school ? It is so strange. Just like a son of the Buddhist priest go to Christian school, or like a aborigine with a loincloth who wear a necktie. Inside of the Shinto altar in Palace, they put a cross?

Vatican want to dominate Japan indirectly, by converted Imperial Family and culture (classic music). Of course, they want all Japanese convert to Catholic. Vatican and Police and bureaucrats and government employees want the continuation of Imperial system, never all of Japanese.