Stop it, real fool

Howard Smith of Motley Fool of Real Fool said,“Why Eldorado Gold Stock Dropped 9% Today.”
(They recommended to buy bitcoin about 1 week ago irresponsibly.)

I don’t have this stocks, but sometimes sing a song of Eldorado of ELO (Rock band)

When I high school boy, I bought a this LP record. I didn’t know this band name, but I liked a jacket of Eldorado in record shop.
After few years ago, I recommended this album to Jyunko Ouchi. She never find this album herself.

Perhaps the reason why gold are not rise, MMT theorist are selling gold. I think that today’s inflation is a result of MMT policy of central banks. If gold price rise higher higher, they must admit that MMT was a theoretical failure.

MMT policy, printing huge money, made a benefit for securities companies or banks or other financial business. Perhaps they sell gold together with agreement. It is fact that gold is a one of the best materials to hedge against inflation.

But gold or other all commodities (silver or coppers or steel ETC) never make a interest. Then these commodities sold against rising interest rate of Government bonds.