Noisy William


William Wats in “Market Watch”and “MSN News” said

“GameStop saga illustrates rising ‘noise-trader risk’ that could feed market volatility, warns quantitative analyst” with a photo of an Indian peoples blocking their ears.


William, noisy is you.

I’m not a illustrator.

I never sell you my paintings forever.

Is word of “reincarnation” “academic term” too? in your scholars village (Buraku) ?

Everytime, my room are tapped by Intelligence Police, of course in toilet, I have no privacy perfectly.

Usually I play a Indian(Bollywood,DISCO) music or African or Indonesian music with web radio. They like classic music, but they hate Indian(Hindu) or African or Indonesian(Gamelan).

I can feel intelligence police agents are suffering, because they are crazy christians.(They hate the Quran very much too. So I understood that they were christians.)
I like Gamelan very much, beautiful and comfortable than classic music.

Asian music are different of Western music. Especially Hindu and Muslim. They have their own culture, never accept classic music.
Because Classic music is just christian religious music.