Hay! world wide investors.
I will BUY GLL.

Now Buy. 37.55

well, gold plice already begin to up.

GLL will down.

Unlike last day, they’re trying to keep a low profile.

They’re afraid to reveal the truth.

Perhaps they stop program, then they are trying to discredit me.

But it wiil make benefit to me. (Hedge of gold long)


It is not show, my daily trading.

If the intelligence doesn’t interfere, that’s a good thing. I’m writing to stop it.

Look at gold chart, indicate flat. They are stop to buy, stop to sell.

Now bought more. 37.61

I will sell it.

DUST is better, I will try again. But gold falling is stopped.

DUST or NUGT precedes GLL or GLD.(Very important) Now DUST and NUGT is flat. When DUST starts to move, as soon as gold price will move too.

Chart display gold try to go to high, but NUGT is not. Perhaps fake.


Trading report end, tired.

Now I can not see charts of NUGT or GLL or GLD in IBKR. Intelligence Police do it. IBKR is a cooperator of them.

It’s back up. Looks like they do manually, not machine.