The massacre was a fact…..

(Already closed to avoid illegal copying by the Japanese believers of Masao Maruyama. Poor them think it is right to steal from the rich according to the Masao Maruyama’s revolution ideology. The Japanese have no concept of copyright protection.)

This is a recording of the Voice of Free China (The station of the Republic of China=Taiwan) reporting on the Tiananmen massacre, which I recorded 31 years ago. I’m releasing it again for those in the world who haven’t heard it yet. (First released last year.)

Of course, the producer of the news was the voice of Free China, but I have kept the tape until now, because I have felt it was a very serious incident in history. Please do not copy without permission.

When this time Masao Maruyama was alive, but was silent about the Tiananmen incident in 1989. He was also mute about the fall of the Berlin Wall in the same year. He was also silent about the Dissolution of the Soviet Union that occurred 2 years later. He did not comment to us on the incidents that is unfavorable to socialism and communism.

1989 was the year of a spate of major events, and I forecasted that this would be the turning point of the ages. In January of this year, the Emperor Hirohito died. At the end of the year, the stock average hit an all-time high. It was the peak year of the bubble. Next new year, the stock market crashed. Now, the stock average has yet to hit a new all-time high. I think that the world all have changed in 1989.