Relay reports tonight brainwashing while sleeping. In「 」means massages by electromagnetic waves. Fact of mind control by Japanese Nazi Aso and Abe Government and Imperial Family.

「My Levi’s blue jeans and Mako Akisinomiya.[Transmitted pictures]」
I kill Mako, and cut blue jeans, I trush her dead body and a jeans, (In my thinking.)
And I use another blue jeans in the closet. [In my thinking.]
Don’t relate with blue color and Mako Akisinomiya.
Don’t input in my consciousness blue color in subliminal.
Stop mind control and brainwashing,

「buruu media ni Mikasamiya wo toroku suru (Register a blue media to Mikasamiya.)[Transmitted words.]」
Don’t relate my linux computer to Mikasamiya.
Last night I installed Zolin OS to my computer.
This OS’s wall paper looks like blue.
When we say paper in Japanese is kami.
God(Shrine) in Japanese is kami.
Hair in Japanese is kami.
But not relationship a paper and God and hair. Never.
But Japanese Government’s agency try to make a delusion of reference each other in my consciousness.
This is a fact of mind control of Japanese intelligence activity.
They make bad psychiatry.
They force to me to marry with Female royalty.
Female royal family who can’t find a marriage partner herself,
they use intelligence power illegally and force to citizens to marry.

「joeikai ga hajimaru.(Now begin movie theater.)」[Transmitted messages]

「warito sikkari siteiru. so demo nai (She is rather steadfast. I don’t think so.)」[Transmitted messages]」
(I don’t understand this messages, perhaps about Junko Ouchi. “So” means Soka Gakkai.)

(Perhaps a mimic word of Russian “niet” )

「shirahato koji. Bii angola de」
(Impossible to understand. Perhaps about a angora rabbit like a cat.)

「A blue small cycle for a boy」[A transmitted picture]
Don’t enforce to me pederasty sexual act.
Don’t enforce to concern with boy’s choir in Churchs and classic music.
Don’t enforce to accept classic musics.
Stop it! classic players and a conductor Seiji Ozawa and Nazi Karajan’s Suntory.
Stop it! pederasty cult Vatican !
You are Catholic! I guess.

(A German conductor Karajan was Nazi party member. He lay outed Suntory hall in Akasaka. Nazi use classic music for propaganda actively. Karajan’s master Furtwaengler shake hand with Goebbels in Hitler’s birthday. Goebbels was a propaganda minister in Nazi Germany. You can watch this scene in internet. Serch “Furtwaengler Hitler”.  Masao Maruyama was enthusiastic fan of Furtwaengler.  You can serch two shot photos Hitler and composer Wagner’s Grand children. Classic music was a part of Nazi. Catholic is a classic music religion. )

(This news is a manipulation aim me.
Because Russians participated in Zolin OS, but is not Russian OS.
Last night, when I use Libre Office in Linux computer, I read ‘Right of Libre office based on German law.’
But Libre Office is not a German software.
This news try to relate me to Russia.
And they want to say that German (Nazi) buy up Russian software company.
And want to say German (include Masao Maruyama and his believers) buy up my computer skills in metaphors.
No computer skill peoples who can not install Linux themself (for example Yasumi Nakamura, Masao Maruyama, Sigemi Saka and many womans and homosexuals.) envy my ability, and make this manipulation news for ‘Ijime.’
They are not good at computers. All of German carmaker will downfall into the automatic driving age by computers. Masao Maruyama can not understood the value of CPU and future of computers. He said ‘Vacuum tubes are best than transistors or CPU. A USSR fighter airplane MIg-25 use tubes, never use transistor or IC.’ He proud of Mig-25 and the academy of USSR. He is a Stalinist.
I like computers since a junior high student, I know NEC TK-80, Tandy or AppleⅡ in 1970’s. But Apple was very expencive, can nnot buy for student. Because I don’t like Apple now. I hate gay CEO too. Cook is a one of the gang in the Maruyama/Nakamura minority revolution sect.
REUTERS is a worst mass media. I don’t know reason why, but perhaps REUTERS is Canadian media.
Canada is a monarchy country like Japan, and Jyunko Ouchi’s Toyo Eiwa girls school in Roppongi is Canadian Methodist protestant school.)