Notes of brainwashing/thought control in last night.

「 」is transmitted sentences or images by electromagnetic waves. The other is message of me in my thinking as a protest. ( ) is comments after wakeup. Criminals were Imperial Family and their supporters and terrorists a dictator socialist Yasumi Nakamura and Stalinist Masao Maruyama.
「(Transmitters say “he talk about himself, he is schizophrenia.”)」 [Transmitted massages]
(Last night, I used my new computer (Zolin OS) in a shop. I tried how to connect shop’s WiFi, and read display with a monologue quietly. When I training as diet, I said “Shingon”(real words of Budda) for concentration. Because of they try to fix on a schizophrenia. I’m too sensitive about cold air, often I have a cough. They spread a disinformation that I’m a dangerous infectious disese. It is humint activity.)

「kata ni bojo no kemusi ga tomatte iru.(A stick caterpillar on my shoulder.)」[Transmitted massages]
(They try to relate to a caterpillar and a stock of Caterpillar (CAT) or my cat in my unconsciousness. I was brainwashed gradually.)

「kochi ken no koro kara (From Kochi prefecture.)」[Transmitted massages]
(Kochi is a author Buddhist priest Jakucho Setouchi’s birth place. She is a corrupt priest, never keep asceticism. Also she write porn nobels. She is a enemy of Buddhist. Don’t do it as Buddhist priest.) (Setouchi Jakucho graduated Tokyo Woman’s Christian Univ. next to Masao & Yukari Maruyama’s house in Kichijoji. Setouchi was a activist of left wing party in young, and she is a follower of Yukari Maruyama.)

「ide」(A classmate of Jonior high.) [A transmitted image]
SONY CEO Idei is a parasite?
(Ide interested in audio goods. Everytime he bring catalog of SONY, but he was not interested in computers. I get a computer(MZ-80) first time in 15 yo. It it is not influence of Ide. Transmitters try to take over my original ability. SONY fall when CEO Idei. He is a friend of Imperial family womens.)

「dare demo ofaa ring hiaa ring (Everyone can offering and hearing.)」[Transmitted massages]
(When I go outside yesterday, many people speak loudly near to me.
A woman said 「yappa kurasikku yaranakya dame」(You must do classic music after all.) Probably she was a student of Sacred heart or Toyo Eiwa. Then, a foreigner (male) pretend to speak him child, said “I worry about you !” But they never say to me directly. They only speak loudly around me, but they try to say “I told him(Oishi), he accepted it.” They let me isolate, it’s Ijime. Their personality are very low level.
They bow head and say 「arigatoo gozaimasu」(Thank you.) It means “I say you thanks. I stole your products and performance by monitoring your brain or supervisory cameras, but it is not crime. I said thanks, you understood it.” It is a reason they speak loudly around me every time, every where.

「sofutowea ni togo si」(We combine it in softwares.)[Transmitted massages]

「oya ni kikaseru tame」(For to hear my Father.)[Transmitted massages]

My Father could not use computers at all. He could not understand about money market too. He could not prospect about economic. A CPA cannot have to understand money market. His business is to inspect companies and certificate them.
Inspectors must not prospect money market and economics. It is not CPA’s business. Foolish transmitters misunderstood CPA.

「dono siin wo tottemo (Also which since we choice.)」[Transmitted massages]
(It’s mean that criminals(transmitters) take surreptitious on videos, and enjoy it and sell it secretly. Because I usually use a mask to hide my face. Criminals primary purpos is money. Poor criminals do it as the revolutional fight. They think “If poor men steal rich men’s money, they will be permited. If you ditribute their money, and you distribute talents of wellborn man, stealing is not a crime. It is equal of socialism. It is socialistic democracy. To steal from rich man and distribute them, is justice.” Ysumi Nakamura and Masao Maruyama and their believer think so.)

(They think “there are no difference ability of human each other. His talent in art is the result of born rich. He must distribute them for poor born man at no charge. It is democracy. We must take from Oishi.” Now Nakamura and Maruyama say so.)

「watasi tachi wa chosenjin wo machini ireru bekide nai」(We must not allow Koreans come in this town.)[Transmitted massages]
They try to exclude me from this town.

「part of “hakuin zazen wasan”」[Transmitted massages]
Transmitters force to Rinzai sect Buddhism, not Shingon sect Buddhism.I’m not supporters of specific Rinzai Buddhist temple. Not Soto sect temple too. I am Buddhist, but have no need to support a specific temple. These temples hate and discriminate me. Because I did not buy a cemetery ground and a tombstone from temple. And most of Buddhist priests follow Imperial Family and Government. In fact, Buddhist control their bodily desires. I think old Buddhist priests like Hakuin are great, but already modern most of priests of Japan corrupted. Japanese Buddhist priests and temples are the same funeral parlors. A religion of My Father’s home is Rinzai sect Buddhism. My mothers home is Rinzai too. Because if I support a specific temple, must be a Rinzai temple. It was a order of Budda. Never Soto sect Buddhism. But I don’t need tombstone and funeral by priests. I’m no need to be “Danka” of the temple.

「Samurai Michigan」[Transmitted massages]
(Transmitters try to force me to join with Amway at Michigan.)

「 Tzu-yu (a K-POP Taiwanese singer) , but her upper arm is so mannish.」 [A transmitted Image]
Don’t enforce gay.
When I like a adult girl, not child or male, Japanese Government and teachers and lawyers and scholars and mass media, they punish me and do “Ijime”. Crazed Japan. Gays and Pedos walk on outside arrogant, and they discriminate normal peoples now. Crazy world.
(I watched photos of Tzu-yu yesterday. I think she is so beautiful than Japanese singers.)

「yaa ren so ran….」(A song of “Soran bushi”. Fisherman song when good catch.)[A transmitted song]
(They want to say “We steal lot of thing from Oishi. Today is good catch day !”)

「Ie wo tatamu chichi. ore ha ato san nen kurai ikiruyo. (My father is to colse his house. He said “I will live for three years.”)」[Transmitted images and massages]
No CPA can prospect about money market. Transmitters can not understand CPA business. Criminals include women’s university. Stop Xerox and Citi ! My Father only can use Xerox copy machine. Then downfall company Xerox(Fuji Xerox) try to buy up my ability of computers. Stop Christians and members of Imperial family ! Governmental officers of Ministry of finance have not computer skills. Newspapers must stop manipulation. It is strange small Xerox buy up big HP.
(Last evening, I wrote on PDF file by Libre Office Drow. Then I used a complex copy machine in convenience store, printed that PDF file, and send it by FAX. The news of Xerox and HP is manipulation about my activity. And I used “HP envy” about 5 yars ago. Newspapers are no need. WSJ is wost.

「mo nihongo ga nakunaru si(Soon Japanese will go away.)」[Transmitted massages]

「paa sen teiji yo. Syu ikkai sui yobi ni yaru dake no kotoyo.(It is issue of percentage, he do it in Wednesday only.)」[Transmitted massages]

「ani ha chichi no eikyo wo uketa.(My brother had influences of Father.」[Transmitted massages]
It is not fact. My borother not interested in accounting and economics.
He can not understand it. Don’t deification of Father ! Don’t negate my individual ability ! I have experience I beat him in fighting. He is not God.

「Maguro butugiri to niku. heiteddo ronri man. (Chopped tuna and meat. Hated lonely man.) 」[Transmitted images and massages]
Stop your foolish English.

「Ho o. Ho o mo kirai ja naiyo.(A Pope. “I don’t hate the Pope.”)」[Transmitted images and massages]
Pope Francisco, stop transmitting.

「santori hooru sika ken ga yurusita puuru ha nai.」(A prefecture only allow Suntory hall.)[Transmitted massages]
Shizuoka prefecture is no need. The native Shizuoka prefecture association members are no need. Don’t enforce to touch to children.
Calassic music is no need, already it is a political act or cult religion, not art.

「sore oite oite yokattan desuka? (I put it OK?)[Transmitted massages]

「Tochaku jikan wo yonin sita.(I allow your arrival time.)」[Transmitted massages]
(Yesterday I tried to reserve a airline ticket at 14:40 (arrive).
Parade of Imperial family is Novebber 14.)

「Heika he atui kotoba.」(Hot word to Emperor.)[Transmitted massages]
Kill Naruhito. (Emperor) I will destroy Imperial system someday.