Relay reports tonight brainwashing while sleeping. In「 」means massages by electromagnetic waves. Fact of mind control by Japanese Nazi Aso and Abe Government..

「Aki no mushino ne.(Criket sounds in autumun)」

Stop forcing me to marry Akiko Mikasamiya.

Akino mushi is not means Akiko Mikasamiya.

Stop ‘IJIME’. (Japanese style bullying. Japanese like IJIME very much.)

Mikasamiya of NAZI and her supporters (include Christians, She graduated Sacred heart Univ.) are dictators like Hitler.

National socialist of Masao Maruyama and Yasumi Nakamura likes Stalin or Pol pot in Cambodia.

(Nazis = ‘National socialist German Labours Party’, They are National socialists.)

Stop foolish IJIME of word playing by all of peoples of Japan.

Stop the brainwashing of the forced marriage.
「zosetsumo nannno sono.」(Even if you add more displays, but we unmoved)

No relationship my 14 inch computer display and imperial familly event Nov.14.

My 14 inch display not means to accept Imperial family.

(Last night I began to use multi displays,)

Yoko Minamino(Nannno=a TV talent) is not means Yoko Mikasamiya.

Don’t force me to marry Yoko Mikasamiya or Akiko Mikasamiya!
「a view of Tachiaigawa in Shinagawa-ku in my memoriy.」(Near to the Suzugamori execution area in Edo. It means ‘You must die.’Mikasamiya said.)
「….ha sei ippai kamo sirenai kedo…….」(Maybe your English writing is atmost.)

Stop brainwash Mikasamiya. You can not use English.
A Real sister of Japanese Minister of Finance Taro Aso is Nobuko Aso (Nobuko Mikasamiya), who is a mother of Akiko MIkasamiya and Yoko Mikasamiya.

Taro Aso stay status of Minister for long time. In fact, a cabinet of Japan is not Abe cabinet, is Aso=Mikasamiya cabinet. Aso who is almost a member of Imperial family, he never gone form core of cabinet.. Now administration of Japan is Imperial family’s administration.
Akiko Mikasamiya is real Schizophrenia. But no one can stop her abuse and violence. Imperial system of Japan is wrong. UN and the amnesty or the human right watch can not stop her crimes too. No one save me from hellish Japan.
「funo son ichimo suiraku daikakyo…….」(Part of Kannonnkyo(Hokekyo) Buddhist scriptures.)

Last night I did not say a Kannonkyo. I said only a Singon (Holy name of Budda)scriptures.

Don’t change my memory in last night. They try to change my history.
「A scine of Gunman arcade shoting game. A gunman brings a shotgun up side down. and shot to a movie screen.」

(Because I wear a Shott leathr wear made in U.S.A when ride a motorcycle. Japnese said put on leather wear man is a Buraku.)
「 The animal trainer man in zoo in U.S.A.」
「konohen chotto kusaindesu yone」(Here is smell bad.)

Stop burajku discrimination. I feed a cat but not smell, a cat never go to outside, only I open the window ,never smell it. Cats not smell bad.

Mikasamiya and Minister of the Environment Koizumi try to kick out me this town against Buraku discrimination.

Koizumi said me as a dangerous red imported fire ant or a trash of Typhoon.

Because I read a newspaper of Buraku Liberation League then peoples of my hometown try to kick out me. They said ‘Buraku are so dirty’.

(Koizumi said that ‘we promise to remove trashes till last year’. It means they try to catch me by violence and enclosure a mental hospital.

Crazy terror politicians and crazy members of Imperial family. They are real Nazi. fascist of Japan, supporters of Imperial family.)

Matajiro Koizumi, a Grandfather of Minister Sinjiro Koizumi was a Yakuza.(a Japanese mafia)

Public Enemies are Koizumi and Mikasamiya!

Sinjiro Koizumi graduated Kanto Gakuin Univesity, a protestant Christians school, associated with Aoyama Gakuin University.

Kanto Gakuin is low level school, but very active about the student movement from 1970’s.

There are many believers of Masao Maruyama ‘Shiso'(a ideology) in Kanto Gakuin University.
Fanatic supporters of Japanese Imperial family and believers of a Maruyama ideology(siso) like fever patients,

it is better to say they are only authoritarians, less than fascists.

A individual of them is poor and weak like a group of dog. They lilke to follow the boss dog very much.
「ituka akusyu wo hanaru beki」

(means ‘ Sometime you should move from bad(Buraku) cycle of reincarnation’. It is rewrite of「ituka shoji wo hanaru beki」in Hakuin Zazen wasan (Written by a Rinzai Buddhism priest Hakuin in Edo age.) Correct is ‘ Sometime you should move from the repeat of live or death. They desecrate Buddhism. )
「At protective room in the Inokasira psychiatric hospital in Mitaka city, a nurce man watch me through a tempered glass.」

(A protection room of psychiatric hospital is the same a private room in prison, with monitor camera and a cold concrete wall and a heavy iron door and a no blindfolded toilet. There is no human rights in the psychiatric hospital in Japan. They try to kidnap me and take to the Inokasira psychiatric hospital in front of Dr.Takefumi Suzuki. He is a fanatic believer of Female Emperor System and revolutional Maruyama and Yasumi Nakamura shiso(ideology). Perhaps he is a pedophile. Revolutional Maruyama shiso(ideology) for homosexuals and pedophiles. Yasumi Nakamura is a  famous successfull man of Amway MLM business, he is a Gay. Amway is a major supporter of extrem light wing partys in U.S.A. Because, a left wing socialist scholar Masao Maruyama was coneccted with American conservative party like Trump or Bush or Neo-Nazi or KKK.)

(There are many school teachers in Amway distributers. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in Trump administration is wife of Amway CEO Dick DeVos. A brother of Betsy DeVos is a private military company Blackwater (Academi)CEO Erick Prince. Already Amwey distributors in the world are militiad. )

Amway, the shame of U.S.A. !
Yasumi Nakamura and Masao Maruyama and Mikasamiya,
shames of Japan !