I sell SP and NASDAQ Futures about 11 min ago(1:10), and buy them.

I will try it again. I can stop selling in this market.

OK. Now I sell it.

Now I sell it more.

I buy them.

I get few money, because they hate I get money, they will stop selling.

Now sell again. I buy it.

Can you understand? It is Crack down program connect with my IBKR account. It against my trading automatically.

Now sell it again.

Bought, got a few money.

sold again


Perhaps they lost big money for me.


I sell/buy only 1 or 2.

Because I use this way to stop falling market.



This is a real cheat market of America ! (Japan is too.)

Good, today’s down trend begin to change.

They never learns.

I wll sell again.

If the market crush tomorrow, I will do the same way.

Of course criminals are Intelligence Agencies, perhaps NSA. And Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, National Police Agency Security Bureau of Japan. They collaborate with each other under the Japan-US Security Treaty.

I will sleep….. Good Luck !