Japan's emperor system is maintained through false miracles and mind control.

Now, Jap’s Stupid Media say “A double(Nijyu no) rainbow appeared.” They’re reminiscent of the double bridges (Nijyubashi) of the Imperial Palace. Japanese intelligence police and Imperial family, they manipulate the weather to make rainbows, they make Japanese think it’s a mystical phenomenon. About I used Japanese in this Blog, Police make Japanese think God is pleased with them. The emperor system of Japan is maintained by this scam to deceive the uncivilized people. The same that North Korean TV said “A rainbow appeared on Kim Jong-il’s birthday!”. The University of Tokyo claims that reincarnation and spirits are real. The Japanese are forgetting science and falling into superstition and uncivilized darkness. The emperor system will destroy Japan.

The Japanese can only understand Japanese, making them blind to the world. This is the cause of allowing the Emperor’s dictatorship. Japanese education and teachers are not able to help students speak English. The government have a ochlocratic policy for the the emperor’s dictatorship.