Gold price

Gold price, after achieved all time high of $2099 in August last year, looks like weak.
But price down only 15%. If big boom of Gold rising end last year, perhaps Gold will down more deeply.
I pick some Gold ETF in the beginning of November last year, but as soon as, down sharply to $1767 in the end of November 2020. When this time I hedged by inverse Gold ETF, and continue to long Gold ETF .
Funds managers or PRO traders like Howard Marks, hates I hold some Gold. If I sell them, Gold will rise at once.

Howard Marks (Oaktree Capital Management,Graduated Trump’s Wharton School) said in CNBC in last day, “Value of gold is almost like a superstition.”

I want to say him, “Value of Central Banks and the paper money and Masao Maruyama’s theories and University Authorities almost like a superstition. Virtual currency, of toys of mathematicians too.”

Deutsche Bank (the cooperator of NAZI in WW2) said “Gold will down to under $1700” .

When I surveyed the typical stocks of Australia, I eliminated Macquarie bank.
Because the name of Macquarie is similar to name of Mako of Japanese Imperial family.
Next day , Macquarie declared “Already Gold has hit its ceiling price. Sell it.”

Usually, cooperators of the Japanese intelligence police and the Imperial Family are so fool.

Da ya trust me or them ?

Recently, while use the walking machine in my home, I heard and sang and danced a Rock music of “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. I like his song. He is a blind Black man.

Howard Marks want to say “Hey Oishi! you are the black blind man like Stevie Wonder!”

A slung of blind man in Japanese is “Mekura”(めくら).
A deaf and dumb man in Japanese is “Oshi” (おし)
Next to “Mekura” is “Oshi.”

My name is Oishi.

Last night, announced the novel of Akutagawa (a crazy foolish man’s name, = a mean of “the trash river”) award, this novel’s title include the word of “Oshi”.

It is the fact of the manipulation, use the same word, over the world.

Dumb Howard Marks cooperate with Japanese moron writers and publishers. All of them are agents of intelligence Police and Japanese Emperor. Almost they are Christians of supporters of Masao Maruyama.