I bought SQQQ at 00:38:03, and sold at 00:39:19.
Try again bought at 00:42:38, sold at 00:43:02.
Perhaps the stream will change. (00:46 JST)(10:46EST)
I bought and sold only 100 stocks !

Already you watched to change down trend of today’s NASDAQ.
If I have remain SQQQ , will lost some money.
Because I sold them quickly.
NSA’s oppression program power is so strong, they can change the trend against my position.
But sometimes I use this way to change trend to hedge my position, as counter mine them. (2:08 JST)

And, I buy N225M(Nikkei225FuturersMini) at 02:12:59, sell at 02:14:27,
buy at 02:16:02, sell at02:18:22,
buy at 02:22:41, sell at 02:24:09
Now begin to down trend in Nikkei, it relate with SP or DOW or NASDAQ.

Now N225M indicate uptrend. I will show you.

Now buy it.(11:31)

Now sell it.(11:34)

You watched to stop moving for few minuts.

Now traders of TSE, want to buy N225. But they must attack me, they can not buy strongly.

Already N225 into downtrend.

But, it will return to uptrend. Because TSE’s real trend is up, downtrend is fake.

12:17, now buy N225M again. Now uptrend is strong. Maybe continue.
12:28, sell it. I get a few money.

13:14, I made a lunch myself, and take it.
Today’s menu is Chili con carne.
It’s made easy with meats and onions and canned beans and tomatos.
Usually I make a meal myself.
But I am not a woman.
I like creating everything.
Mexican food is good.
Chipotle restaurants are not exist in Tokyo.

14:44, My outlook of financial markets from last week.
Last Thursday, weak USD/JPY broke the resistance line at 104.00
Friday, I increased short position on USD/JPY.
And sell some TRY in first time.
Christians spread a lie that I am a Muslim.
I think good idea to sell TRY, deny this lie.
This Monday morning, I read a sign of oppression algorithm against me, felt USD will rise, I cleared some short position in USD/JPY.
And then, USD and TRY surge in Monday and Tuesday.
But, the purpose of these surging are to crackdown me, I think these are fake trend.
And, Tuesday, while walking in evening, when I passed in front of the clinic of Hiroo in Shibuya-ku, I said “Don’t kill me to clean your micro chipping crime evidence. Please remove microchips from my body. Christian doctors implanted me illegally. “
Then, after few hours, news said Fizer success to make vaccine of COVID, and suddenly DOW and Nikkei surging.
I got some money this time, but I can not trust this news perfectly. Because of it looks like to guard trusts of bad doctors.
I think dollar will return down trend, and stocks will return before dollar surging.

18:16, I think good timing to invest Japanese companies. But don’t forget already Japan is not developed country, the same emerging country. And the biggest share holder of Japanese major companies is Government of Japan. (BOJ, GPIF) We can say Japanese companies are almost Government’s companies. Because no value as private property. Looks like 人民公社 (People’s commune) of Masao Maruyama.