I buy SQQQ at 23:48:06, and sell at 23:49:07,
Perhaps it will change trend.
When this time, if sell mood in the market is so strong, SQQQ will maintain the uptrend.
Usually traders algorithm against me, they try to change trend by force,
but they can not change suddenly, just like a very heavy ship can not change their way easily.
Crazy Christians and U.S.Army(NSA) exited to punish(bullying) me with forget their profits.
They called real fools or fanatics.

Now, I buy SQQQ at 2:37:38, and sell at 2:39:05. will change stream.
According to NASDAQ, other index ( SP, DOW) were reversed in the heat of selling.
Who move this crazy oppression program ? Stop it ! Market is unfair. Otherwise investors of the world never trust US market.

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