03:19:06 (JST) I buy MSFT only 5
03:19:29 sell MSFT 5

Already a stream of MSFT changed. Today’s uptrend of MSFT was broken.

Transaction Record

Chart (5sec)

Chart (1 minuts)

Their oppression program must make me a loss every time. When I buy MSFT, they sell it strongly the same time with automatically. But I prospect it, I sell MSFT after 23 second. Because they try to stop their selling, but already many people according to their strong selling, the stream of market was changed, they can not stop MSFT price move to downside.

When I uploaded this blog, my ASUS note PC made strange noise. Like the viblation noise of the smartphone.
4月8日 2.37.mp3
I never heard like this noise in my long PC life. What parts made this noise? Cooling fan? SSD?
Usually, note PCs don’t have parts makes these loud noise. Looks like this PC angry me about today’s my blog.
I bought this PC as a new, it has not been a year yet.
I heard that NSA’s technology proceed than us more than 15 years.
They do it? with Jap’s Imperial Household Agency and the Jap’s Imperial Family?