Hey! Hey! Your superstition has come!

Howard Marks, other billionaires, Hedge Fund Managers, Mass medias, they are trying to protect their pride, trying to make their superstitions a reality. Looks like they are wasting a huge money.

While other metals and commodities continue to rise, it is so strange that only gold continues to fall. If they are selling gold to buy bitcoin, Silver must also be sold too. In history, Silver prices have been tracking the gold price. The main demand for silver is not for solar panels. (Emperor is not Sun. Sun is not God, Emperor is not God.)

Those who say the value of gold is a superstition, foolish fund managers and scholars (Masao Maruyama) who said that the superstition of reincarnation is a fact, to justify their wrong ideologies, they bought what they shouldn’t have bought, they sell what they shouldn’t sell.

Market distortions will be corrected some day, will provide the chance for wise investors.

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