Around of Embassy of France in Minami Azabu.


About 100m from Motley fool Japan (head office : Alexandria,Virginia ) to French Embassy in Japan.

Condominium of “Imperial Hiroo”, “Imperial Minami Azabu”, “Homat Virginia”, “Homat Embassy”, “the sun child kindergarten” exists in front of French Embassy.

Car Hub Japan (supply chain of car parts), Auction House Japan (auction of used car), Boogie (talents agency, PR, casting), Michel man (Packaging) exists the same building(Oak Minami Azabu) of Motley fool Japan.
Now I use a display of DELL.

And then, Car Graphic Japan (a tuner shop of German cars), Kamikaze (=means of suicide attack) (a restore shop of so old junk motorcycle of Kawasaki. Because they can’t run in high speeds, I don’t like them.), and Office Tateoka (Agency of models and directors) are 100m to French Embassy.

There are many companies about cars and car manias in Azabu. Because one of biggest (worst) 80’s bubble company of Azabu Jidosha (Azabu Tochi Tatemono) , it was a company of bublle King Kitaro Watanabe, existed in Azabu.
Already he arrested and his company bankrupted.

U.S. try to add Xiaomi in their black list. I use a Xiaomi smartphone now.

There is a New Sanno Hotel next to the French Embassy. (In front of the Office Tateoka, a shop “Kamikaze”, Car Graphic Japan, Keio Yochisha (The elementary school of Keio Univercity).
New Sanno Hotel is a part of U.S. Army, only can stay soldiers and their families. The Soldiers with guns (belong to U.S.Navy of Yokosuka ) guards a gate of New Sanno Hotel for 24h.

The annex of Chinese embassy exist next to French embassy. Next to Chinese embassy is German embassy. The embassies of Finland, Pakistan, Algeria, Iran, and Korea exists in Minami Azabu too.

Last night, Motley Fool said “ Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba, Learning from stock market Losers.”

Head lines of Interactive Brokers.
IBKR News Headlines.jpg

Click “AMZN, NTFX, BABA, Learning from stock market Losers”

Motley Fool is Real Fool.jpg
I have some these stocks. I usually use Amazon for shopping.
Do you remember suddenly unnatural crush of Netflix in July last year ?
Of course, you remember the crush of the tech stocks in September last year too.
When I had big long position on tech stocks. They caused crushes for the purpose to make me a loss. But I knew these crushes are caused deliberately, I believe prices will return. Maybe can say prices of Amazon or Netflix are over sold.
(But U.S. try to destroy Chinese stocks. They were not problems of stock’s earnings. )

Jack Ma’s fintech company pulled my watching. I think some small crushes in the fourth quarter of last year, are purpose to stop IPO of ant group. I think old bankers of western world (like Rockefeller’s J.P.Morgan or Chemical Bank (SMBC Trust=Prestia) or UBS or Minnesotan) and old communist party of China hate Jack Ma’s biggest fintech company. Then IPO was stopped. At last Ma was missing. (kidnapped?)

When Trump became president, I said in this blog “Trump’s hard line policy toward China, will make a recession in the U.S.A. It is a suicide policy of him.” Trump continue to grudge me, clampdown with Japanese Intelligence Police

Real criminals are Japanese Police, not Americans.