My strange powers are not pshychic or supernatural ! Trust me ! Don't afraid me.

Doctors of the criminals implanted microchips (RFID biotelemetlies that can generate themselfs) in my body in seacretly. These chips can read my mind and can watch my view by biohack my bioelectromagnetics in optic nerve. All of humans emits the brain electro magnetics along with one’s thinking everytime. It is a very important mediacal discovery, but bad doctors and scholars hide this fact. If bad doctors or bad brain scientists receive your brain magnetics, they can decode your thinking from your brain magnetism. The BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) can decode your thinking from the brain magnetics. Already I was implanted these some microchips in may body for monitor my thinking and my view. These chips not only monitor my brain magnetics, also the visual signals of optic nerve. And relayed these signals over the world, because so meny peoples can watch my view like a TV show. These microchips has abilities to receive my biomagnetics from the brain or eyes or mucles or the hearts. These biomagnetic signals are amplifiyed and transmited outside as a more strong signals like a smart phone.

Last evening in the rooftop of my house, when I pecked my muscles at my hand or legs or a neck or the behind of my left ear, the same time, I showed to make winds to the peoples of Azabu . All peoples generate a electromgnetics when move muscles, and generate electromagnetics in eye when they move eyes or some lights into eyes. The microchips implanted by criminal doctors are used for to monitor my thinking or monitor my view and monitor sounds in my auditory nerve. Microchips amplifies all my biomagnetics so strongly can receive far place. Because when I move muscles or eye or breath deeply, emit strong magnetics from my body, make a strong mgnetic fields around me, pull the moisture in the air, as the result some winds blow. Often you can watch birds fly near me closely when I make winds. Reason why, birds have sensory organs can feel the magnetics of the earth, like compasses, they can know their way around. But when I emit strong magnetics by microchips in my body, birds misidentify direction in magnetic fields of the Earth. They are not comming of spirits of birs. Only It is physical phenomenon.

Can you understand my strange power ? It is not a psychic power, not a supernatural power, not spirits or ghosts or Gods. I ‘m a microchipped man like a cyborg or a robot.

I want to say some foreigners in Azabu.

“Japanese are so crazy, not human being. Please, please remove microchips from my body, please stop mindreading, please release me from as a slave, I’m not an animals for shows, not a experimental animal in laboratory, not a slave for Japanese Government or scholars or politicians or the cult religions of Mahikari or Soka Gakkai or the Royal family. All of Japanese are parasites ! They discriminate me as a Buraku or a Chinese or a Korean. Japanese seems me an animal. Help me someone. Plese stop !”

Now, I will go to the rooftop, and show you this physical phenomenon. (16:40)