"My prospect of the money market in 2020." (sounds only)

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(Speech Summary)
Already big inflation has come. Watch the oil price and the gold price or other precious metals. They indicate inflation. But it is not “good inflation”. It is the result of to try to maintain high oil price by Saudi Arabia and the peoples of company of stock market before IPO of Saudi Aramco. This IPO will be a biggest IPO in history. Because, I think, now Saudi Arabia cut oil supply to maintain high oil price. Fund managers and Security companies and bankers will get money in this IPO, then they cooperate with the Saudi Arabia policy, they can’t sell stocks to maintain high stock price before IPO. I think it is not real economic boom, but oil and precious metals and U.S. stock will rise more. It is good time to buy them, but don’t forget, crash will come someday or soon. Of course After IPO of Saudi Aramco in NYSE or TSE, Saudi Arabia will increase oil supply, and then will crash oil market and other market. Now is a fake good economy.